Learn How To Have Great Food Packaging Created For Your Small Bakery


If you own a small bakery and would like to start selling your items from another venue at a booth or stand, you need to be sure that they are packaged properly. You want to be sure that the items are not exposed to dirt or germs. Having proper packaging created is important. The guide below walks you through a few ideas for packaging to have created for your baked goods.

Pie and Cake Boxes with Windows in the Top of Them

Consider having cake and pie boxes created that have clear windows in the top of them. Plastic is used to cover the open space on the top of the box to ensure that nothing can gain access to the delectable dessert that is stored inside of the box. Having the clear window on top of the box allows potential buyers to see what the pies or cakes look like so that they will be tempted to buy them.

Consider Plastic Baggies for Your Cookies

Consider packaging your cookies ahead of time in plastic baggies so that you can just grab a bag quickly and easily when it is time to sell them. Choose between baggies that seal at the end or fold over and stay closed with a sticker or piece of tape to ensure that the cookies do not fall out when you go to sell them to a customer.

Have Individual and Dozen-Sized Cupcake Boxes Created

It would be nice if you could sell your cupcakes by the dozen so that you could sell out of them more quickly, but there are times when someone may want a small sweet treat that they can eat quickly and not have to worry about storing later on down the road. Having individual cupcake boxes and dozen-sized cupcake boxes available for cupcakes ensures that you can sell the cupcakes in the exact quantities that a customer wants. Be sure to purchase the cupcake boxes that have the small liner built into them that keeps the cupcakes from sliding around inside of the box so that none are smashed during your customers' travels.

Having great food packaging for your baked goods will make selling them much easier and quicker. You will not have to spend time pulling each item out of a case and then packaging it on the spot. You can simply pick up a box or bag, hand it to the customer, and take their money within a matter of just a minute or two. It allows you to sell more product in less time. If you are unsure as to how the packaging should be designed, you can hire a product packaging company like the one found at http://www.arcandco.ca to design the packaging for you. They will have experience designing the types of packaging you need and may be able to give you options that you did not even know where available.


15 July 2016

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