The Primary Steps Taken During A Confined Space Rescue


Confined space rescues are a common occurrence. People can find themselves in horrific situations where they cannot get out and need help from professionally trained rescue personnel. These brave professionals go through extensive training to understand the proper steps they will need to take to help people get out of confined spaces and potentially save their lives. The quick thinking and immediate response to jump into action when handling hazardous situations make these professionals so important.

Evaluating the Confined Space Situation

Before entering a confined space where multiple people are trapped, the rescue professionals must first evaluate the situation. They need to know what type of problem they are dealing with, such as:

  • Collapsed building
  • Underground rescue
  • Broken elevator shaft

While there are hundreds of scenarios that can occur, these are some common ones. People may get stuck in a confined space if a building collapses while they are in it, they are working underground, or if something happens to an elevator shaft. Once the rescue professionals know more about the situation, they can work quickly to develop an effective evacuation plan that allows them to rescue each person safely.

Taking the Right Approach to Enter the Space

The next step involves entering the space to help people get out. The way that these professionals enter the confined space will vary tremendously. They will need to use different equipment types to get into these tight spots and reach those who are unable to get out on their own. The professionals will typically wear protective harnesses to keep themselves as safe as possible while taking on such dangerous work. Along with their harnesses, some of the other equipment used when entering the space includes:

  • Lifeline rope
  • Headlamps
  • Resuscitation device
  • Helmets
  • Retrieval hoist

The gear used by these professionals protects them and helps them get into the most confined spaces to save lives.

Moving Forward With the Evacuation Plan

Upon entering the confined space, each person who is part of the rescue team will work together and communicate throughout the process to complete the evacuation plan. The plan may consist of getting children out before the adults while moving through individual holes or openings. Rescue personnel will have come up with an evacuation plan before working on the confined space. The communication between each team member is crucial to the success of the mission.

Rescue teams that help people stuck in confined spaces follow a particular protocol to have the most success possible. They will evaluate the situation, develop an evacuation plan, gather their safety equipment, and get started with the rescue job. Contact a confined space rescue service for more information.  


19 October 2020

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